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Charlotte and Tiana are two girls who living in New Orleans, are very different, yet they are linked by a special intimacy. Charlotte is convinced that to realize a dream is enough to want with all my heart, but Tiana believes that only hard work will get what they want. Years pass and New Orleans comes the Prince Naveen, Charlotte's father organized a costume party for him to meet her daughter who has always dreamed of marrying a prince. Tiana is also at the party that is going to realize the dream of opening his own restaurant, but something does not go as expected ... Reading age: 4 years ..

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Disney Magical Story: "Princess and the Frog"
NEW by Disney Storybook Artis
JR Novelization BOOK MG
Movie Theater Storybook...
Disney The Princess and The Frog Princess Tiana Doll
Kiss the Frog (Ste
by Disney (2009, Paperback)
Look and Find Disney Tiana
Movie Theater Storybook...
The Princess And The Frog by Disney (2009, Paperback)
Hoppily Ever After - Disney
Little Golden Book
A New Princess (Disney Princess and the Frog) [With Sti
Kiss the Frog (Disney Princess and the Frog) NEW
Hoppily Ever After (Disney's Princess and ther Frog), R
Little Golden Book (Disney Pr
Hoppily Ever After (Disney's Princess and ther Frog)

This is a sample list, about the type of items that were published.

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