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Ben 10 is undoubtedly one of the characters who in recent years has attracted the attention of children the most, thanks to a successful television series.
From this, a merchandising collection was also born which also includes watches of different shapes and models for the most passionate children.

Wristwatches are among the most popular products: they are elegant but pleasant products at the same time, which will surely please both children and parents. The strap of these models can be in leather or hypoallergenic rubber, but always strictly colored and decorated with the image of the most loved characters of this cartoon. The case is also different depending on the model: in hard plastic or in stainless steel and water resistant. Since these are watches mainly dedicated to the little ones, two types of movements have been designed: one with quartz with the classic analog hands and one with electronic movement and digital time reading.
Some models also present diversions, to transform the watch into a nice toy: they can throw special discs (one of the weapons of Ben 10 in the cartoon) or they can project the image of one of the characters of the TV series onto a surface.

Wall clocks could not be missing, to furnish and make children's bedrooms more pleasant: They are clocks different from them, they can be purchased in different shapes (circular or square) or in different materials (aluminum or hard plastic structure) but they all have the characteristic of bringing back the main colors of the animated series and the characters who made their fortune and who were able to be loved by children.
Even the table clocks follow the same line as the wall clocks, but some have the alarm function: they are designed like the classic alarm clocks of the past, with the two upper bells that ring at the preset time and are decorated with the image of the protagonist of the series or with that of the co-stars.

Ben 10 watches are sure to make the child who receives one happy - they are colorful, cute and fun. The production materials are of the highest quality and can make parents feel good about the safety and reliability of the place. Kids who love this TV series won't want to do without it.

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