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Comic Dragonball - For many centuries, fathers, sons and grandchildren are spread east to an old legend that tells of the existence of the seven Dragon Balls, who knows where scattered to the four corners of the planet. They give off a strange light in them and contain from one to seven stars. Who will take all the balls will, pronouncing a magic formula to display the Dragon, which will grant any wish upon demand. It is therefore essential that the seven magical spheres do not come into possession of the wrong hands. A wicked man could ask the Dragon to conquer the earth and subdue his will to human beings! This book takes you in search of the seven Dragon Balls, Goku in the company, its extraordinary and friends of his powerful opponents.

Comic Dragon Ball Z - Eleven years have passed since our Goku has formed a family. Meanwhile, he and his brave companions were not with our hands: After beating Frieza malaga, cunning ruler of the galaxy, and after having avoided the danger of the terrible cell, capable of absorbing the bodies of his opponents, Saiyan warriors have finally restored peace on earth. Since then they have all committed to train, because there will soon be a new martial arts tournament, and this time no one wants to steal the title from Mr. Satan, Videl or by his daughter, a real earthquake! On this occasion, will also Goku, who has obtained permission to return from the afterlife if only for one day! And you? Are you ready to train for the most exciting challenges?

Comic Dragon Ball GT - Goku has lived up to its commitment! It's been ten years since he left our intrepid saiyan by loved ones to train the young Ub, and training to the sanctuary of the Supreme are more and more exhausting. Now, however, Goku has a new urgency that can not really escape: Pilaf and his minions have called the dragon Shenlong, but the foolish emperor he pulled another of his, raving that his bitter rival inadvertently come back kid. What a disaster! The Dragon Balls now scattered across the galaxy, and if not will be relocated within a year the Earth will disappear! What's more, only expressing a new desire Goku can return to his forty-eight years! All that remains is going on a journey across the universe. Goku can not dispose of his powerful muscles of his height, but is surrounded by so many people ready to help the aliens and the evil cyborg. Videl and Bulma have prepared the spacecraft that will bring Goku and Trunks in every corner of the galaxy, in order to recover the coveted Dragon Balls. But there is a stowaway on board. And 'the little pan that has been embarked in place of his uncle Goten, when it is impossible to turn back. In the book you can read the storiadella series, the presentation of all the characters, you will test whether you are on the side of good or evil. Using the domino game Dragongame, you can build the dice, with the characters of Dragon Ball and play with your friends. Who has the pawn with the double face of Goku starts putting it on the table face up. Who finishes first wins the tiles. Following you will find the technical explanation to make nice origami paper as the flying dragon. Many games and other surprises await you with the purchase of these beautiful books of Dragon Ball, a good opportunity to read and play. is not responsible of the link external to this web site




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