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Beauty and the Beast - Belle is a girl full of imagination, that never fails to read books and dream of the great love of his life. One night his father, a strange inventor, gets lost in the forest and is kidnapped by the Beast, a creature half man and half monster, that closes in the prisons of the castle. Belle offe hostage in exchange for her father and from here begins with the knowledge that creature, then it will not seem so horrible. Belle discovers that he and the entire staff of the castle, are victims of a curse, brought about by a witch.

Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas - Christmas is richer with Beauty and the Beast - A Magical Christmas. We find the characters in Beauty and the Beast, one of Disney's most beloved classics, with new characters in a magical Christmas setting. A story that can captivate everyone, adults and children, creating a unique and enchanting. ... is not responsible of the link external to this web site