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Clocks of Emoji

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  • Wall clocks
    The wall clock for children not only allows you to learn to read the time, but allows you to furnish, giving harmony and joy to the environment.

    The various models of children's watches, with hooks on the back, can be hung in the middle of a wall, in order to enhance the bedroom or the playroom.

    Wall clocks, depending on the case, require the use of nails or dowels. Some models can be positioned using practical stickers. Hanging them will be very simple and you don't need to be a DIY expert.

    The range of children's watches available includes models for every need and every color. We start with those made of metal or plastic, to get to the wooden and combinable wall clocks.

    Particularly appealing are the wall clocks that depict cartoon characters, suitable for both children and girls. These are items that are often purchased as a nice gift idea.

    The size, to be chosen also according to the available space, can be more or less bulky. Large wall clocks are generally preferred for looking at the time even over long distances and for large rooms.

    The shape of the watch represents another variable to consider. The most traditional models are circular or square, but there is no lack of designer watches and particular lines, very suitable for those children who want something truly exclusive.

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