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Cards Games of Trolls

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Playing cards are a pastime that can increase the intellect of those who practice it. In particular with regard to playing cards for children depicting cartoon characters, they are able to favor the concentration and attention of children towards a specific goal, while at the same time developing their self-esteem. Playing cards requires team spirit but above all the ability to solve calculations as quickly as possible.

Encouraging dialogue and relationships with peers during growth is essential for the child who has to start confronting society. Precisely for these reasons, the educational purpose of playing cards is to help the child to develop his technical and intellectual skills. It has also recently been discovered that playing cards succeeds in positively influencing mood by reducing the level of stress. Fun is also mandatory for boys after a long day of study at school.
Playing cards depicting cartoon characters are recommended from the age of 4 with the most classic and simple games otherwise for older ages ranging from 5 to 12 years, the games can focus on solving more difficult strategies.

In addition to the classic playing cards, they are available on the market, the so-called cards, in which you can implement real combat tournaments among the most famous heroes in the world of cartoons. They are also considered collector cards as they can be inserted and stored in the appropriate albums.
The games that are made on playing cards are those of memory, mime, ingenuity and skill in calculations.
The card game can also involve the whole family, thus becoming a way of being together, spending more time together and sharing ideas.

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