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Mickey Mouse Toddler (For PC and Mac) This game is a great tool to stimulate learning, children aged between 1 and 3 years. They can perform various exercises to help in increasing self-confidence, through positive recurrent aid. In this magical place your children can meet friendly Disney characters, who accompany the child in learning to know the colors, the alphabet, numbers and music activities by stimulating their curiosity The game includes The ABCs OF MOUSE - The game begins in the home of Mickey Mouse where the letters have fun playing hide and seek. You will need help to find the letters hidden Mickey. THE COLORS OF GOOFY - Goofy must give a rearranged his house and you have to give him a hand. With this game the child can learn and recognize the use of colors, to develop their creativity FORMS OF MINNI At home the child of Minnie is invited to find the forms that are hidden in simple, everyday objects like a tree or a bicycle wheel. BAR COUNTER Pluto has to be careful with that pesky squirrels continue to dig holes in the garden and hide his favorite toys. DONALD GRANFRACASSO The home of Donald Duck is a musical playground where the child can play different melodies. PRESS AND LEARN With this game you can color and print your favorite characters from the world of Mickey Mouse..

Mickey Kindergarten (For PC and Mac)

Stroll through the service station near the highway, not far from the house mouse. Disney's Mickey Mouse Kindergarten allows the exercise of more than 40 essential skills for the development of skills of perception, observation, listening.

Mickey Mouse Preschool (For PC and Mac) - Go around the main street of the city and help in the search for Mickey great news for his newspaper. Disney Mickey Mouse Preschool contains many activities that help develop confidence in themselves through continuous positive reinforcement from Mickey and his friends. Allows the exercise of more than 40 essential skills including basic reading, sorting objects and additions. - Enhances memory, listening skills, creativity and critical thinking. - Help the development of social and problem-solving skills. - Exercises bring fun learning experience beyond the simple use of computers. - Ability for your custom

Magic Artist 3 (For PC and Mac) - The libraries, full of many different backgrounds, musical motifs, decorative elements and the most popular Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto, enable children to realize the incredible animated presentations. Young artists can also download animated figurines, wallpaper and other items from a unique Disney Magic Artist website. Game Features: In addition to many standard art tools such as pens, crayons and brushes, the toolbox includes the Disney Magic Artist 3: - Super scribbles. These creatures can be trained to design automated and even reasons to write a name on the entire canvas. - Crayon batik. Add virtual wax on canvas and then have fun taking it off with the knife tool. - Bleach. Erase the color by applying this tool on the canvas with a weird eye dropper, a spray or flow-through with a hose. - Pastel colors. Change the wall with layers of wax semi that darken and intensify the color in each pass. You can also drop the chips on the canvas and then stretch them to make them blend creative area. - Bucket. Imitate the application of paint "splattered" made famous by contemporary painters of the abstract with the tool that allows you to splash and wash painting on canvas. - Pen scintillating. Add to spark lively and creations with this pen that contains virtual particles mixed with the paint shiny. You can also use it in a "mask" to create the illusion of paint with the confetti. - Charcoal. Choose one of six motifs, coins, feathers, ferns, leaves, flowers, shells, and rub it on the canvas in the selected color. - Onion shower. Paint with three different effects: spray, spray hose and circumferences. - Distributor plots. Material sprayed on the canvas to achieve different textures: mosaic effect plush, hairy caterpillar and tree. - Instrument tile. Designed and selected for reasons of special tiles to the computer desktop or as a background for a website

Epic Mickey: The challenge of the legendary Mickey - Disney Mickey Epic is a platform game for the Wii action-adventure that sees Mickey Mouse undertake an epic journey in the name of creativity and discovery. The player in the role of Mickey finds himself in the Wasteland, an alternate world that contains the forgotten creations of Disney, which uses two special powers to change the environment and dynamically chooses the path that will turn it into an epic hero.

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