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In 50 BC all Gaul is occupied by the Romans, except dell'Armorica a village inhabited by indomitable Gauls still resists the invader. life is not easy for the Roman legionary garrisons in fortified camps Babaorum, Aquarium, and laudanum Petibonum

Comic Asterix and Cleopatra, Asterix and Caesar's laurels, Asterix and the Belgians, Asterix and the Britons, Asterix and the Goths, Asterix and the Normans, Asterix and the duel of the leaders, Asterix and the golden sickle, Asterix and the Gaul, Asterix and Caesar's Gift, Asterix and the realm of the gods, Asterix and Obelix jail, Asterix and Obelix SpA, Asterix and the weeds, Asterix and the soothsayer, Asterix and the shield of the Arverni, Asterix gladiator, Asterix the Gaul, Asterix in America, Asterix in Iberia, Asterix the rose and the sword, the son of Asterix, Asterix The thousand and one hour, Fourteen complete comics stories of Asterix - Asterix Among banks ... and banquet, is not responsible of the link external to this web site




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