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Akim is a character, very similar to Tarzan, who was conceived and drawn by Augusto Pedrazza and
Roberto Renzi. Published for the Altamira editions from 1976 to 1980, it had a fair popularity in the 70s, thanks to the launch on the pages of the Altamira books (the current Sergio Bonelli publisher). It appeared on the back of the covers of Zagor, Tex and other books. Subsequently the series continued for Quadrifoglio editions from 1980 to 1983, up to number 84. Here you will find the titles.

01 Akim
02 The white monkey
03 The city of gold
04 The timeless island
05 The falcon men
06 Death in the lagoon
07 The Vikings
08 Appointment with death
09 The source of eternity
10 The black sun
11 Terror comes with rain
12 The giants of the mountain
13 The treasure of the lake
14 The mercenaries
15 Kar's fury
16 The missing princess
17 Fire worshipers
18 In the Tunga kingdom
19 The iron men
20 The great duel
21 Challenge the king of the jungle
22 Those who can be saved!
23 The wizard's revenge
24 The hired assassin
25 The wall of flames
26 The knights of death
27 The vampire trees
28 The poisoned arrow
29 The pit of skeletons
30 The false message
31 The people of the cliffs
32 The ultimatum
33 The red lightnings
34 The spider's web
35 The lord of darkness
36 The blue bomb
37 Kobra!
38 The moon diamond
39 Space base
40 The elephant cemetery
41 The unknown enemy
42 The red snake
43 The sacred stones
44 The queen of the galaxy
45 The swords of ice
46 Treasure hunt
47 The land of giant iguanas
48 The tyrant of the island

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