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USED ​​COMICS OF TEX (from n.1 to n.50)
On this page you will find adverts regarding used Tex comics from number 1 to number 50 . For any information click on the article, read the description and contact the advertiser directly.
1 The red hand
2 One against twenty
3 Outlaw
4 The hero of Mexico
5 Satania
6 Double play
7 The blood pact
8 Two against one hundred
9 The last battle
10 The trap
11 The Indian sign
12 The son of Tex
13 Tex, the intrepid
14 The secret throat
15 The mysterious mountain
16 The fire!
17 The Kansas jackals
18 Dodge City
19 The end of White Wolf
20 A bold plan
21 Dawn of blood
22 Yampa Flat
23 Piutes!
24 The riddle of the fetish
25 The ambush

26 Black arrows
27 Siege at Seat No. 6
28 A cowardly attack
29 The Black Coyote
30 Old Pawnee Bills
31 The green Mesa
32 Death waits in the dark
33 The tragic valley
34 Claims meetings
35 A risky card
36 The ghost village
37 False accusation
38 Quicksand
39 The throat of death
40 The tragic bridge
41 Renegade!
42 Fire at the "Star-O"
43 Struggle for life
44 A daring robbery
45 The mysterious voice
46 The hired assassin
47 The lands of the abyss
48 Duel in Laredo
49 The sorcerer
50 The children of the night

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