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Alice in Wonderland mugs

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Mugs are indispensable in every home. There are various shapes, sizes and materials to choose from according to your personal tastes. From coffee, tea or to herbal teas with a colander and integrated lid, they accompany us at any time of the day, so it is necessary to choose them with the right attention.
As already mentioned, the cups accompany our days so they must be mainly beautiful, or rather they must please those who use them. The materials are many from glass to ceramics passing through plastic, for children who are more likely to drop them by breaking them.

Among the cups for children we must speak in particular of those dedicated to cartoons that accompany their days and fantasies. The ceramic mug of Alice in Wonderland recalls the characters of the cartoon of the same name, it represents the various characters with original colors, designs and shapes that cheer up every child's breakfast.
The character is represented on mugs, milk or tea cups in different sizes. Here you can see the black and white drawings of the character, or the comics in bright colors and resistant to many washes.

The Alice in Wonderland cup, on the other hand, may be missing in the homes of younger children or even older children who love the sweetest and most moving fairy tale there is. The container made of ceramic shows the shape of the famous elephant, the colors are the original ones of the cartoon and the texture of the ceramic is such as to make it very resistant to shocks. Although dedicated to the little ones, it is actually often chosen by adults who love cartoons and original cups, never banal.

A cup for children suitable even for the most sophisticated adults is a spectacular glass cup for coffee, tea or fruit juice that recalls fairies or wood nymphs. The cup is decorated with flowers and butterflies on the bottom and along the edge, as well as having a decorated handle that is also in tone with the rest of the cup. In combination there is often a teaspoon with this kind of cups, which completes the whole with a touch of magic.

In addition to having decorations depicting cartoon characters, they are often made of unbreakable material to be able to use them from the earliest years of age to stimulate the imagination of the little ones. Whatever your taste or age, there is always a cup that suits your tastes and needs. For children it can be a very successful gift idea.


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