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Alice in Wonderland Pillows

On this page you will find a series of links to the advertisements regarding the sale of Alice in Wonderland pillows. For any information click on the article, read the description and contact the advertiser directly. Compare prices between the various types of Alice in Wonderland pillows

For the little ones, the cushions with their favorite characters from cartoons, comics or TV films are a fantastic surprise. Going to sleep protected by their heroes in their sleep certainly helps them feel calmer, because if they ever wake up during the night, the reassuring image of their heroes will always be there to keep them company.

Often children need to feel pampered during bedtime and that the whole bedroom is tailored to them, with joy, colors and above all familiar images. So choosing the most personal object, the pillow, which is specially designed to reassure them is a great idea.

Made of antiallergic and guaranteed materials, with bright and beautiful colors, safe prints and above all easy to wash by hand or in the washing machine, the cushions for children are also designed to be ideal for rest. The images are printed with safe and certified colors, which do not fade and do not fade, always remaining cheerful and 100% safe.

The upholstery is soft to welcome them, mite-proof and made with fibers in which mold and fungi cannot take root, to be sure that the health of children and girls is safe. Furthermore, each pillow is removable, that is, you can remove the pillowcase and wash it separately, even often, without the risk of damaging it. The closures, then, are designed to be very safe even for the little ones and crafty ones, because there are no buttons that can be detached and swallowed, but tears and clips, robust and certified.


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