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Emi toy soldiers

Compare prices and buy online Emi toy soldiers for game and collection.

Unlike other models, the Emi soldatins are able to stand out for a detail that will surely not escape once these models are held in the hand, namely the fact that they are not made of semi-rigid plastic, but rather of metal, a much more heavy and at the same time much more resistance to daily use and weathering of time.

These particular models, all strictly about five centimeters high, generally represent the Italian police forces, and in particular the military and navy officers mainly of the past: it will therefore be difficult to go in search of other models that turn out to be different from the categories mentioned above.

The Emi toy soldiers, in addition to the fact that they were created with lead, are presented with a great number of details, especially for the faithful reproduction of their uniforms that have become part of the history of the country: for example, the nineteenth-century carabiniere it comes with a lot of hat, divided with the two white bands on the chest, strictly white gloves, shotgun held on the barrel with the stock resting on the ground, black pants and boots of the same color, all accompanied by a proud look on the part of the character . A second model instead is that of the military of the Eighties, which comes with a red hat, Italian emblem on the left sleeve accompanied by the rank reached in the army and all strictly green.

As for means of transport and places that represent the battlefield, these turn out to be very few, but those very few models turn out to be very realistic thanks to the high number of details, just as in the case of the various models of the person, and to their perfect realization always with lead: for example, the tank in the part of the tracks is well structured, with a series of wheels that seem to be real and to the same tracks that always give that feeling of reality to the touch. Unfortunately, however, the vehicle in question, that is the tank, is not equipped with mobile tracks, and therefore the vehicle will not move by pushing it slightly, but must necessarily be dragged.

lead soldiers 54 mm to paint EMI tin toy soldier white metal 5.0

figures lead soldiers collection 54 mm white metal tin toy soldiers 6.0


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