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LEGO Technic 9396 - Helicopter

Product description:

For all those who like to test their skills as infallible LEGO builders, the model LEGO Technic 9396 - Helicopter One of the LEGO Techinc proposals that best represent reality. The package contains many functions, and the yellow color, very trendy, visually enhances all its power. The fun is to be able to take off, and make a miraculous rescue like those that are made in reality. Here in addition to passion, of course, it also takes skill. It is a 2-in-1 model which as standard is equipped with two rotors, one for main pitching, and one for working tail. Also included is the loading ramp, retractable landing gear and sliding hatches. The set is certainly very performing and is worth buying even by collectors. We really like the idea of ​​the rescue that makes us feel like heroes, for this reason as well as being very emotional, the model LEGO Technic 9396 - Helicopter  prepared with a rear ramp which, in addition to opening for loading goods, also serves to save people by means of the winch. Really crafted to perfection, like the real rescue helicopters we often see in flight.


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