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LEGO Technic 42002 - Hovercraft

Product description:

Suitable for all lovers and fans of racing, but only for home use (or what is recommended), LEGO Technic 42002 - Hovercraft turns out to be a real wonder both to compete on land and in  water and mud thanks to the help of the new hovercraft! No terrain is off-limits for this LEGO Technic model which turns out to be very realistic. Many details are provided, all reflecting the authenticity of reality, one of which is racing styling. In addition, the engine with real working pistons and rotating blades makes the difference. Once created, you don't have to waste a moment before running into high-speed racing. It is a 2-in-1 model, ready for any adventure, always obviously paying the right attention and with the right precautions. Comparable to a very agile aircraft, it does not lack, as we anticipated, propeller and pistons that really work! The most daring say that it can also be used on ice, obviously it also depends on the weather conditions and who has the honor of testing! You can try it between land and water and then check the best performing conditions, someone tests it even in the mud, it depends on how much care you dedicate to it. The purchase is definitely worth it!


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