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LEGO Technic 9398 - 4x4 Pickup

Product description:

Aimed primarily at a youth audience, children aged 11 to 16,  LEGO Technic 9398 - 4X4 Pickup it strikes and fascinates because alone it is able to face all the different types of "obviously" rough terrain thanks to the 4x4 engine. To experience this adventure and go on the attack, you just need to be able to operate the steering and the 4x4 transmission. The drive wheels will set in motion doing their job! The action is controlled by a state-of-the-art LEGO Power Functions infrared remote control which does not need to be purchased separately but comes with it! Starting off, you can climb practically anywhere, even on rocks and travel on any type of dirt road, even hilly and sandy, thanks to the suspensions that are definitely very performing. The super sturdy model is packaged by LEGO in excellent company, in fact it is equipped with an opening top and doors. You can indulge yourself in the creation but know that "the autico" corresponds to the model of a fearsome 4x4 off-road truck. LEGO Technic 9398 - 4X4 Pickup it consists of 1327 pieces, one no brainer for all LEGO Techinic fans and experts. The strength, according to the builders, is given by 2 models in 1: pick-up and crawler. This reflects the ambivalence of being able to "be", or rather build a little what you want, but always with maximum power!


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