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Cicciobello Pappa and Mi Scappa dolls

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High interaction doll: recognizes different actions and accessories.
Baby food: hungry, gets dirty with baby food and asks to be cleaned.
Fruit juice: thirsty, gets dirty with juice and asks to be changed.
A little massage: the belly is red, a little massage calms the evil and oops ... a fart escapes.
Potty time: poo, the bottom is dirty (led), but not really dirty.

Cicciobello asks his mother to eat the baby food or drink the juice: he gets dirty and asks to be cleaned. After the time of the baby food comes the pain in the tummy and then the time of the potty and ... oops ... a fart escapes and the bottom gets dirty! The product works thanks to bright LEDs of different colors and positioned on the mouth, stomach and bottom. The LEDs will deactivate when the towel passes: this system allows you to have fun without getting dirty. Fun game cycle guaranteed by high interactivity guaranteed by the activation of 4 different activities. The package includes: an interactive spoon, a saucer, interactive fruit juice, personalized potty, two wipes and a glitter pacifier. The doll really speaks: it pronounces over 50 sentences, in three different languages ​​(Italian, English and French).

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