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Vip Pets dogs

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Who are the Vip Pets dogs?Vip Pets dogs

Vip Pets are cute puppies of toy dogs, with very long hair, ready to be combed and decorated! There are 6 characters with 2 different looks, all with their own personalities, characteristics and passions.

The Vip Pets have surprises inside the package and 30 cm of super long hair to style. VIP Pets like to wear their hair in different styles depending on the circumstance, but they need your help to create the really beautiful and original look, with 6 unique and personalized accessories!

The Vip Pets collection consists of 12 different characters: Nyla, Alexia, Lady Gigi, Juliet, Gwen, Taylor and many others.

Vip Pets dogs

Inside the plastic bottle-shaped packaging, you will find your vip pets.
The first thing to do is to remove the plastic wrap from the bottle.

The packaging of the Vip Pets dogs
You will discover your vip pets inside the transparent plastic box, with her hair tied up in a plastic cap, sitting in a hairdressing salon chair.
Once your doll has been unveiled you will find the instruction booklet, where both the name of the Vip Pets will be indicated, as well as the advice for the suitable hairstyle.
You need to remove the top cap, which will reveal star-shaped slits.
Take the package under the shower and wet it with warm water over the top, so as to wet the head of the VIP pets.

In contact with water, the vip pets will reveal new colors.
Once the package has been removed, we just have to remove the plastic cap that wraps the head of the VIP pets.
You will be able to loosen the beautiful hair of the VIP pets of the length of 30 cm.
By reading the instruction booklet, you will be able to read the name of the vip pets and the type of hairstyle that you can create to embellish your vip pets, with the decorative accessories that you find in the packets of the package: crowns, brushes, rubber bands and glitter.

Vip Pets dogsVip Pets dogs
You can block the VIP pets chair with a suction cup to be placed underneath. You will be able to make the doll sit on the armchair and turn it as you wish, to start styling and decorating her hair.

VIP PetsVIP Pets
VIP Pets

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