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"Taco & Paco" is the cartoon series conceived and produced by Crayons that is broadcast within the Andrea Tuttestorie program. "Taco & Paco" tells the funny and instructive adventures of the crocodile artist Paco and the musician Taco Tucano, always traveling around the world. The series is aimed at an audience between preschool and the first cycle of elementary school (4-6 years). The series consists of 26 episodes, set in a world built entirely with colored paper and animated with the laborious "Papermotion" technique, an original animation technique that uses three-dimensional sets and characters built in colored paper. The graphic style of the series differs considerably from computer animation or traditional animated drawing. In their stories, Taco and Paco always meet new animals and, by solving their problems, they learn basic information and curiosities about the nature that surrounds them. Everything happens through fantastic journeys caused by Paco's magic pencil, which transforms everything he draws into reality, opening magical doors to other places. The two travel to the most disparate environments and encounter, in each episode, a new animal whose characteristics and habitat they will know. They will thus discover that beavers gnaw on trees, that hens lay eggs and not milk, or that a caterpillar can turn into a beautiful butterfly ... and so on, from wonder to wonder. The series instructs while entertaining and, with its unique production technique in the world, suggests to young spectators the inspiration for manual activities with colored paper. A second series is already in progress. The series is directed by Roberto Lione on subjects and scripts by Roberto Lione, Andrea Sfiligoi, Alessandro Scalco and Luca Raffaelli. The actors Vittorio Amandola (Paco) and Riccardo Rossi (Taco) gave their voices to the two characters, directed by the director of the dubbing Renzo Stacchi. The music is curated by Francesco Morettini (Click on RAITRE)

Taco and Paco are copyright RaiFiction and Crayons