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Another new entry for the month of October is Wally Gator, broadcast exclusively on Boomerang from Monday to Friday at 14.25pm. Hanna and Barbera are known for having been inspired, for their cartoons, by pre-existing successful TV series (as happened for example for Top Cat with Sgt. Bilko and The Jetson with Blondie). Wally Gator is instead the first series in which the two cartoonists were inspired by their creation: The Yogi Bear. In fact, just as Yogi must always face the arrogant authority of the Ranger Smith, Wally too must constantly contend with Twiddle, the Zookeeper from whom he escaped. In fact, Wally is a funny crocodile who one day decided to escape from the Zoo to savor freedom, go out into the street and behave like any "man". But a crocodile is not just any "man"! Trouble will be inevitable!

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