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Another great "Cartoon Cartoons": Donato Fidato. A very special weasel, bright and with a deep and masculine voice. A passionate macho, with a modest hero attitude that always makes him a winner in any activity he undertakes: from actor to engineer, from surgeon to singer. There is nothing that Donato Fidato cannot do. The reason? Ask him and he will simply reply: "I am Donato Fidato".
But every great hero has his antagonist. Although he does all he can, however, Matteo Babbeo just can't beat Donato Fidato. Despite desperately trying a revenge, he punctually loses due to his congenital stupidity. In short, every challenge always ends with a glorious and unconditional victory by Donato Fidato, even if in the end Matteo Babbeo manages to be likeable precisely because he is an adorable loser.

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