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More entertaining than the Bulgarians of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo and more comically demented than the onesie of Zelig, the FANTASTIC ADRENALINI BROTHERS arrive on Cartoon Network, directly from ... Rendoosia, a small nation where risk is a lifestyle. XAN, ADI and ENK are three reckless acrobats, engaged around the world, in the most incredible stunts. They combine the magic of the circus with a considerable dose of madness: they have no limits and they do not know fear. In reality, they don't even know the language, but they make themselves understood through their funny stunts and, when needed, they are very good at making their voices heard by screaming. Among the three, the friendliest is ENK, the brother who performs the most bizarre stunts. She indulges in dancing and cannot do without Michael, her faithful teddy bear. She loves to collect shiny objects that she often "borrows" from their owners. The imposing ADI is famous for the incredible strength that sometimes leads it to break things by accident. He loves chasing butterflies and his dream is to jump straight from the Eiffel Tower into a giant cake. In emergency situations, his thick mustache can grow twelve times more than normal. He has a weakness: don't show him a clown because, incredibly for a man of his size, he's terrified of clowns. XAN is the leader of the group only because he is the eldest of the three brothers. In fact, it is he who gives the orders and plans the stunts ... which he then prefers to have Enk perform. He thinks he is irresistibly cool and never separates from his sunglasses. From rumors it seems that he spends at least 11 hours a day in front of the mirror. His ambition is to reach the center of the sun with a rocket. The idea of ​​the cartoon The Fantastic Brothers Adrenalini was born on the Internet in 2002 thanks to Dan Chambers, Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler who launched 10 of their clips in Flash animation online. Filmed by the BBC, they later became a full-fledged cartoon series when the authors made 78 episodes of 7 minutes each broadcast exclusively by Cartoon Network.

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