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From Monday to Friday at 18.15pm
At the weekend at 9.20

At one time or another in childhood, each child had an imaginary friend. But where do these friends find refuge when a child gets older? At Casa Foster! A large Victorian villa where hundreds of fantastic characters from all over the world and time gather, all invented by children.
The new series aired on Cartoon Network, born from the brilliant mind of the father of the Powerpuff Girls, Craig McKracken, features Bloo, Mac's imaginary friend, an intelligent and sensitive eight-year-old boy.
When Mom tells Mac that he has grown too old to have an imaginary friend, Mac, who is not ready to part with Bloo, takes him to Casa Foster where he always visits after school. And with all the other imaginary friends every day is extraordinary fun!
The first three episodes will be broadcast one after the other on Monday 10 January at 18.15 pm (with a repeat on Saturday 15 at 9.20) for an hour of great entertainment.

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