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Codename: Kommando Nuovi Diavoli

From Monday to Friday at 18.50 pm On weekends at 14.05 pm
Not to be missed is the new series produced by Cartoon Network, airing from November 3rd. "Code name: Kommando new devils" - the story of 5 extraordinary 10-year-olds with a mission to free children from the tyrannical rules of adults, especially parents After all, it's the adults who keep them from doing all the fun things of life, like going to bed late, eating whatever you want and building extraordinary underwater bases off the coast of Paraguay! Our 5 boys have different projects. "The boss" (Number 1), "the pilot" (Number 2), "the dizzy" (Number 3), "the splinter" (Number 4) and "the tough" (Number 5) formed a team called " Kommando New Devils "(but you can call them KND) to fight, in James Bond missions, anyone who crosses their path.

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