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Teen Titans, the brand new series broadcast for the first time in Italy by Cartoon Network is taken from the famous American comic "New Teen Titans" published in the 80s by DC Comics, written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by George P rez. Despite the differences from the printed version in both design and strong humor, the cartoon presents a perfect balance between action and comedy, brilliant dialogue, compelling stories and an accurate characterization of the characters.

The Teen Titans, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven, are kids with super powers who have joined forces to defend the Earth from the invasion of a new generation of "villains". They all have a very strong personality and for this reason they end up arguing with each other. Full-time superheroes, the very young protagonists of the series have the same problems that afflict teenagers all over the world and like them, in their free time, they love to play video games and dance. The headquarters of the Titans is the "Titan Tower", a T-shaped tower located on a desert island.

Robin, Batman's famous companion, is the team leader. The only one not to have superpowers, he earns the new status thanks to his indisputable skills in martial arts and the ability to keep the group together.
Cyborg, half man and half robot, has an imposing build, extremely developed eyesight and is equipped with sophisticated weapons. Although he loves spending time with friends, his real passion is the gym.
Starfire, from a distant planet, wishes to understand terrestrial customs and culture. Optimistic and sensitive, she is one of the strongest of the group: she can fly and can block enemies with powerful bursts of energy.
The mysterious Raven it stands out for its pungent sense of humor and pessimistic outlook on life, which makes it different from Starfire. His telekinetic powers are decisive during the fighting. Unruly and always in a good mood Beast boy The team's mascot and, thanks to its ability to transform into any animal, it is indispensable in clashes with enemies.

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