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This new cartoon will catapult you .... into a pond! Where, between chases and paradoxical situations, the events of a Ferret unfold whose only goal in life is to capture the frog Frog - which, in turn, has as its only mission to eat whatever is in its range. action. The gags of this endless and hilarious struggle for survival will amuse you throughout the fall. This European production cartoon tells the endless struggle for survival of a ferret and a frog. Between chases and dangerous situations unfold the vicissitudes of the ferret, whose only goal is to capture the frog and of the latter, whose only mission instead is to gobble down anything edible is within its range. The two animals live in a pond together with their neighbors: a duck, a snake, numerous insects and many others. It is in this ecosystem that the gags between the two protagonists begin and end. The relationship of the frog with the other creatures that inhabit the swamp are persistent. Obviously he does not at all imagine that his survival absurdly depends on the ferret who, to protect his prey from other animals, is ready to expose himself to any risk


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