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From Monday to Friday at 14.35pm

The relationship between brothers (anyone who has one knows it well) is an easy starting point for really funny gags. Everything becomes even more comical if to be "rivals" are two twins who at the same time have opposite characters and do not attract each other for any reason in the world! Here is the story of the Cramp Twins. Wayne is an unsympathetic and strangely blue child, with no particular interest other than (obviously) tormenting and annoying poor brother Lucien. The latter, on the contrary, is generous, sensitive and very involved in issues related to ecological problems. His main interest is, of course, to defend himself from the unbearable brother! Discover the new adventures of Cramps in the funny city of Soap City. The new episodes are only on Cartoon Network.

At the weekend at 13.10

Also from April 4th the unpublished epsiodi of I GEMELLI CRAMP start. The story - inspired by Brian Wood's bestsellers ("Cramp Twins-They 're not at all alike" and "Cramp Twins-Swamp Fever") - plays on the conflict between two twin brothers, but with such opposite characters as not to attract each other. for no reason in the world. Hence a barrage of funny sketches and unpredictable situations. The two boys live in Soap City where, together with all the other inhabitants obsessed with hygiene, they combine all the colors. Wayne is an obnoxious, oddly blue boy, with no particular interest other than collecting junk and ... obviously annoying his brother Lucien. The latter, on the contrary, is generous and sensitive to issues related to ecological problems. Her main interest is knitting and ... of course defending herself from the insufferable Wayne.

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