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Barbie Swan Lake

Saturday 18 December at 21,05 on Italia 1 the animated film will be broadcast, "Barbie Swan Lake". The story begins when Barbie, in the role of Odette, chases a unicorn in the enchanted forest ... In this place she is transformed into a swan by Rothbart, an evil sorcerer whose intent is to defeat her cousin the Queen of the Fairies and take over the forest . The Fairy Queen can fight Rothbart's spell so that Odette retains human forms at night and magically resumes swan forms during the day. Odette realizes that even if she is not the right person for the task, her destiny is to save the enchanted forest from Rothbart. But how can a young girl - armed only with courage, honesty and intelligence - achieve this? All this while the young handsome prince Daniel is falling in love with her? Barbie Swan Lake shows us how each of us is braver than you think ... (Click on Italia 1)


Barbie is Copyright © Mattel