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Barbie - The princess and the poor woman

Saturday 30 October at 21,05 on Italia 1 the fourth Barbie movie will be broadcast, "Barbie ... the princess and the poor". Given the great success achieved with the previous "Barbie Rapunzel","Barbie and the Nutcracker" is "Barbie Swan Lake"this film by William Lau was also made with the help of computer graphics, with realistic scenes and animations exclusively in 3d, which perfectly characterizes the characteristic Mattel toy doll. Also" Barbie ... the princess and la povera "is inspired by a classic fairy tale: The prince and the pauper. The protagonists are Annalize a beautiful blonde girl who lives in a luxurious castle and Erika a beautiful brunette girl who lives in a poor family. Apart from the different hair color, the two girls are identical as twins separated at birth, therefore one is unaware of the other's existence. Their life will change when they meet and with great amazement they will notice their extraordinary similarity. They then decide to reverse their roles and from here on we will witness funny, exciting and moving scenes from the two protagonists. Annalize and Erika are accompanied by two very tender and friendly cats: Serafina (Annalize's cat) a lazy and opportunistic cat and Wolfie (Erika's cat), who behaves like a dog and in fact barks instead of meowing ... (Click on Italia 1)


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