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Fleek Extravagance

Fl-eek extravaganceFl-eek Stravaganza cartoons come broadcast on Italia 1 on Saturday at 9,05. Fl-eek Stravaganza (Eek the cat in the original American) is a cheerful and carefree purple cat, always full of optimism and generous impulses, but it is precisely these that most often get him in trouble, making him venture into absurd and bizarre situations which he will hardly manage. Fl-eek Stravaganza is very much in love with his "maxi" girlfriend Annabelle, a pink crawler, twice his size both in height and in width, as she is greedy for sweets. Despite her size, Annabelle is sweet, romantic and sensitive like all kittens in love. Fl-eek extravaganceThe story would be idyllic if it were not for Sharky, a dog similar to a shark who, as a good keeper, is always ready to attack anyone who dares to cross the threshold of his garden. Sharky is characterized by a red nose and has a huge mouth with very sharp teeth, to this must be added his intolerance towards cats, therefore he is always ready to chase Fl-eek Stravaganza to bite his backside. Sharky is even equipped with a secret laboratory from which he can monitor all the moves of Fl-eek Stravaganza, whenever he tries to break into his garden, to go to his beloved Annabelle. Fl-eek lives in the town of McTropolis with the family of Wendy Elizabeth and Johnny Braincloud. The Fl-eek Stravaganza comics were created by Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp (Click on Italia 1)


Fl-eek Stravaganza is copyright Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp