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Jimmy Neutron

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron is the cartoon made in 3d computer graphics that is broadcast on Italia Uno on Saturdays at 8,40 am. The series is based on the film Jimmy Neutron released in theaters in 2001 and was produced by DNA Productions based on the idea of ​​John Davis and Steve Oedekerk.
Jimmy Neutron is a boy characterized by a nice tuft, who has a great passion for technology and science, this leads him to be a brilliant inventor, as evidenced by his realization of the robot dog Goddard, a perfect and faithful playmate. Jimmy Neutron despite his extraordinary inventiveness is snubbed by his father who ignores his qualities, perhaps because all Jimmy's experiments turn into a failure, even if dictated by brilliant intuitions. Like the "bigbabolide", a gigantic rubber ball, which bouncing should make him arrive at school before the school bus, too bad this will lead him to crash into a big tree.


Another invention is the tuttirutti drink, capable of making you make very powerful gaseous emissions, with a small sip. Or the beam that makes objects smaller and uses clumsily causing a thousand accidents. The only one who understands Jimmy Neutron's talent is his mother. In addition to this the problems of little Jimmy are those of all children of his age, such as physical complexes, social relations with his classmates and related competitions.


The friends he frequents are Carl, an overweight boy due to his innate greed, a friend of Jimmy to the point of being the first to be the guinea pig for the little scientist's bizarre experiments. The girl of the group is Cindy, beautiful and very intelligent, but at the same time very careerist and does not hesitate to despise Jimmy's inventions, when they turn into failures, as she is always in competition with her fearsome opponent, first in the class. Cindy is always accompanied by her best friend Libby, much more pragmatic and realistic. Then there is Sheen a particular kid, obsessed with UltraLord, his favorite TV superhero. The unpleasant and braggart on duty is called Nick, very skilled with skateboarding and narcissistic. .. (Click on Italy 1)

Jimmy Neutron is copyright DNA Productions Nickelodeon John A. Davis and Steve Oedekerk