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Mew Mew winning friends

The title of the series takes its name from the Café Mew Mew, a place run by the boys Kyle and Ryan, which serves as a cover for a secret base, ready for war against extraterrestrials. The protagonist is Strawberry, a girl who possesses the genetic code of the wild cat. This is because, due to some experiments by Kyle and Ryan, she was invested by a powerful photonic energy that transferred the DNA of a wild cat that was in her neighborhood during an animal show onto her. Strawberry will then acquire extraordinary powers that will be useful to the Mew Mew team to fight against the alien invaders that threaten the earth. Strawberry in battle will be called Mewberry and her weapon will be a heart-shaped bell, capable of emitting powerful radiation. The number one enemy of the Mew Mew is the Deep Blue, a mysterious being of whom we know only his dark voice. He commands a horde of alien monsters who do not hesitate to destroy whatever comes their way and that will give the protagonists of the series a hard time. The Mew Mew group consisting of five elements includes: Mewmina, equipped with a crossbow with heart-shaped arrows, the shy Mewlory who fights with castanets, Mewpaddy, a lively girl who has a tambourine with extraordinary powers as a weapon, finally there is the beautiful Mewpam who fights with a whip. The Mew Mew fight above all against the perfidious Ghish, who has the power to generate terrible monsters, but despite the fact that Ghish engages with malice and determination not to disappoint the Deep Blue, he is promptly defeated by the five girls he admires for their skill. ... (Click on Italia 1)

All characters and images of "Mew Mew Winning Friends" are copyright Mia Ikumi

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