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Pixie and Dixie

Based on the experience gained with the very successful Tom & Jerry series, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, they wanted to create a similar cartoon, but with a cheaper and less expensive animation technique for the quantity of drawings and animations. Thus were born the cartoons of Pixie and Dixie mice and Jinks the cat, their archenemy, always trying to catch them by saying the classic phrase: "Damn rats !!!". Pixie is the mouse with the bow tie, while Dixie is the one with the vest, they both live in a tiny den, near a kitchen guarded by the cat Jinks. Pixie and Dixie try in every way to trick the clumsy cat in order to get some supplies from the refrigerator. Very often Jinks resorts to particular inventions to catch the two very clever mice, but almost always these backfire and end up causing him a lot of trouble. Pixie and Dixie cartoons are broadcast on Italia 1 from Monday to Saturday at 20,50. (Click on Italia 1)

The Flintstones are Copyright © Hanna & Barbera