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Little Casper is a little ghost who lives in the gloomy Whipstaff Castle. Contrary to his three ghost uncles, Casper is a good little ghost who doesn't enjoy messing around with the castle's guests. For this reason his three uncles Ciccia, Molla and Puzza consider him as an outcast, a different person who is unable to reach their rank of evil ghosts, in reality the three ghosts are quite clumsy and each of them is characterized by a particularity. Casper in each of his adventures must always fight against his evil uncles who plot some plans against mere mortals, for this he uses a weapon that the other three ghosts certainly do not possess: cunning. In addition to the four ghosts, Kat and her father, Dr. Harvey, a psychoanalyst who specializes in ghosts, also live in the castle.

From 15 June, Saturday and Sunday at 15.00 on Cartoon Network.
With the start of the summer programming, on CARTOON NETWORK comes from June 15, the unpublished series of the little ghost made famous by the Harvey Comics comics: CASPER in SCHOOL OF FEAR.

The cartoon is made with state-of-the-art computer graphics animation techniques and features a well-known character in the world of TV, cinema and video games. But now Casper has a difficult task: to really learn how to scare ...

Founded 10.000 years ago, the School of Fear is the place where monsters are taught how to be evil and scary. Students spend their days perfecting their skills at scaring humans under the watchful eyes and slimy tentacles of the two-headed monster principal, Alder and Dash. But the little ghost Casper, despite the hard work and numerous attempts, just can't be scary!

At school, then, he becomes part of a "bad round": he becomes friends with creatures as good as him, including one of his best friends, Mantha, a long-haired zombie, and Ra, a funny and very insecure mummy-boy. , very fond of the ghost. In the school, the three have to contend with Thatch, a vampire at the head of a group of monsters who have targeted our protagonists. It is a very difficult year for Casper & Co. between jokes and traps to avoid. But, adventure after adventure, our little heroes will discover that the power of friendship is stronger than any conspiracy.


Casper dvdCasper, the film - It's the film of the ghost Casper. Contrary to his ghost uncles uncles Ciccia, Molla and Puzza, Casper is a good and naive ghost. While the other ghosts enjoy playing pranks on the castle's hapless visitors, Casper wants to go against their rules. To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of the lucky character, Harvey Entertainment Inc., with a huge investment, has created a new story enriched with the most modern and spectacular animation techniques, the same as Toy Story 2 and Z The Ant. Treat yourself to a dream that will warm your heart and will have a lot of fun!

Casper dvdCasper a phantasmagorical beginning - Reunite with your favorite heroes after the big movie event of '95 and meet new friends too! Get ready for supernatural fun with Steve Guttnberg, Loric Loughlin, Rodney Dangerfield, the voices of Tullio Solenghi and Riccardo Garrone and of course, your great friend Casper! Casper is back, and he's on the run from the evil Torment, his assistant Snot and the outrageous ghostly trio: Ciccia, Molla and Stink! In Casper: A Phantasmagoric Beginning, Casper meets a friend who can help him. The two soon discover that his ghostly powers are just what it takes to save a city from demolition. Casper's efforts will reunite a son with his father, giving them hope and happiness. With a spectacular mix of live scenes and cutting-edge special effects, this amazing new adventure full of surprises will have fun with your family. !

Casper dvdCasper and Wendy, a magical friendship - In this film, the ghost Casper and his uncles Ciccia, Molla and Puzza, will meet four very nice witches: Wendy and her aunts Gert, Gabby and Fanny. The group will join in hilarious gags, to fight against the evil sorcerer Desmond