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The Garfield cat Garfield was created by the humorous comic author Jim Davis in 1978 and its streaks were published in 11 countries. Garfield is a cat that contains all the classic defects of common cats, such as opportunism and laziness. His main occupations are to laze in front of the TV, eat in large quantities and play with a teddy bear. But what most amuses about this character are his jokes and his sometimes a little cynical sarcasm. When the friend Jon accuses him of being fat he replies: < It is not true that I am fat: I am below my height!>> orYou are fat ... and lazy>> and Garfield replies: <You see? I'm doing the job of two cats!>>. One day Jon said to Garfield: < I got a cramp in my hand. What should I do?>> and Garfield replies: < >. This cute character has also become a movie that will be released in cinemas on September 24, 2004. In this case Garfield was made with the help of computer graphics and his voice was dubbed none other than by Fiorello. The central theme of the film is Garfield struggling with a new housemate: the puppy dog ​​Odie. (Click on Italia 1)

Garfield is copyright Jim Davis