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Los Picapiedras


These stainless Hanna & Barbera cartoons continue to amuse several generations. This is thanks to the nice couple of Fred Flinstone and Wilma who do nothing but live the daily problems of all families, with their (sometimes bizarre) ambitions and their vices. The background is a prehistoric world where stone cars are operated with the feet, the turntable needle is the beak of a prehistoric bird, the crane of the quarry where Fred works is a dinosaur, etc. of the pet dog have a dinosaur called Dino. Fred and Wilma's inseparable friends are Barney and Betty Rubble. Very often Fred and Barney team up with each other to escape the control of their respective wives and punctually run into some mess. Most of the time they are taken out of trouble by Wilma and Betty.
The Flintstones is a series that has innovated the way of doing animation. In addition to being the first animated situation comedy ever, until the 60s a cartoon had never been successfully programmed in prime time, even reaching the record for the highest holding in this time slot until the advent of the Simpsons.
Also, no animated series had ever been made with half-hour stories. And, fifteen years before Star Wars, the Flintstones raised millions of dollars thanks to the merchandising of toys and products related to their image, including the famous vitamins that bore their name.
There is no doubt that their strength lies in the possibility for the viewer to identify with the protagonists. Despite the prehistoric times, the anxieties and problems of the couples Fred-Wilma and Barnie-Betty are not very different from ours. After the end of the series, the filmmakers tried different paths. A feature film was produced for the cinema (A Man Called Flintstone, 1966, with Fred as a spy in a musical key) and several television films (one of which also featured The Thing of the Fantastic 4). Finally, the two feature films with real actors, released in the 90s with good success, have confirmed that The Flintstones may be prehistoric, but they are never out of fashion.



The Man Called Flintstones, by W. Hannah and J. Barbera, Usa 1966, 87
Directly from Hanna and Barbera Studios, 87 minutes of pure fun with the Flintstones in better shape than ever. The real star of the feature film is, however, the great Fred Flinstones in the role of a prehistoric James Bond. The cartoon film is in fact a hilarious parody of the most famous spy series. For lovers of the genre, "Intrigue a Bedrock" is an appointment not to be missed! ...



I Yabba-Dabba Do !, by W. Hannah, J.Barbera, Usa 1993, 91�
Two of the most beloved families in cartoon history are about to celebrate a memorable event: Pebbles Flinstone's wedding to Bam-Bam Rubble. As soon as Wilma, Betty and Pebbles set the date for the big day, Fred starts planning a great wedding, even though he is very unhappy about losing his beloved child. Fred's intentions are, as always, bigger than his wallet and of course trouble follows. Despite having enlisted Barney's help in funding Pebbles' grand wedding preparations, Fred nearly loses his wife, daughter, best friend, job and dog!


Original title: The Jetsons meet The Flintstones, by Don Lusk, Usa 1987, 90 '
A Time Machine manages to bring together the two most beloved cartoon families, the Jetsons and the Flintstones… the adventures will be truly amazing! When George Jetson uses the Time Machine to teleport the family on a journey into the future, something is wrong and the Jetsons find themselves in the Paleolithic "world of the Flintstones. After an initial and obvious distrust, the two families become friends. Suddenly, however, the Time Machine is by chance reactivated and the Flintstones will be catapulted into the futuristic-future ... a real shock! Will Fred be able to sit back in his beloved stone chair or George to use his mobile jet?


Original title: Hollyrock-a-bye baby, by William Hannah, Usa 1993, 89 '
After learning they are on the verge of becoming grandparents, the Flintstones and Rubbles travel to Hollyrock to visit their boys. Pebbles is busy with work, and Bam-Bam is desperately trying to sell her script: neither of them is prepared for the long visit from their parents. While Wilma and Betty go about preparing for the baby's birth, Fred and Barney scramble to sell Bam-Bam's work. After a series of incredible adventures, Pebbles finally gives birth to ... twins: Roxy and Chip.


Original title: The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone, by Ray Patterson, Usa 1979, 48 '
The Flintstones enter a costume contest to win a romantic trip to Count Rockula's castle in Rocksylvania. Legend has it that the Count was creating a Frankenstein-like monster to ward off werewolves, but that no one has heard of it for 500 years. The ancestors arrive at the castle in time for the masquerade ball, but Fred and Barney inadvertently stumble upon the Earl's secret laboratory. As they try to get out the window, lightning strikes "Frankenstone," which also brings the centennial homeowner back to life. The Count will bring chaos and fright to the party, and when he kidnaps Wilma, Fred will have to save her.


The feature film consists of a series of specials featuring the new adventures of the Flintstones and Rubbles. The Flintstones will have new neighbors: the Frankenstones; Fred, in fear of having only 24 hours to live, will do so many things that he will be tired ... dead; Wilma will become a baseball pitcher for the Bedrock Dodgers and Fred, in an attempt to lose weight, will go jogging discovering how out of shape he actually is.



Original title: The Flintstones Little Big League, USA 1978, 55 '

Fred and Barney improvise baseball coaches by dedicating themselves to two small opposing teams. Not only are the neighbors passionately dedicated to their new job, but what began as a friendly competition is beginning to become a fierce, no-holds-barred sporting challenge. A curiosity: a very young Pamela Anderson dubbed Ciottolina, or Pebbles, in the original version.


by Charles A. Nichols, USA 1977, 60 '

On Christmas Eve, Fred finally agrees to dress up as Santa for a charity party. But our hero will have to put his plans aside. That very evening, in fact, the real Santa Claus breaks his leg falling from the roof of the Flintstone family. So Santa Claus himself asks Fred to continue his journey to bring gifts to the children. Fred, in a red costume and a fake beard, accepts the challenge!



Winner of the "Award of Excellence"of the Film Advisory Board, established to reward and promote the quality of entertainment for children and families.
When Fred is cast to play Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens' "Christmas Tale", staged by the Bedrock Actors Group, his ego grows out of all proportion and he transforms into the skimpy old man he plays. But when the curtain falls, Wilma, Barney & Co. help Fred understand the true meaning of Christmas.

The Flintstones are Copyright © Hanna & Barbera


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