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Lupine III
Lupine III is a classic character from detective literature. The manga reinterpretation of this super thief has been a huge success especially thanks to the irony with which it has been characterized. It is made with beautiful animated images and the secondary characters such as the very sensual Margot, are all very well characterized. Lupine III is a very skilled master thief in disguises, in perennial fight with the commissioner Zenigata, not always an example of cunning. Lupine III's other opponents are also a wide variety of crooks and thugs who help make his adventures always exciting and compelling. Lupine III is a real film with cartoons, as it has a very detailed and accurate animation starting from the backgrounds and the number of drawings used to create the animation of the characters. (Click on Italia 1)

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Episode titles Lupine III

First series

01. Trap on four wheels
02. The invisible barrier
03. The third sun
04. Lupine's escape
05. Goemon the samurai
06. The secret of the three scrolls
07. The mystery of the Black Fox
08. Napoleon's playing cards
09. The secret document of the electronic calculator
10. Microfinger the king of counterfeiters
11. Central bank cashier theft
12. The twin figurines
13. A challenge from the future
14. Emerald hunting
15. The golden bust of Mr. Kimman
16. Jewelry robbery
17. A robbery for Lupine
18. Beauty contest
19. The relics of the Lupine family
20. The island of lost dreams
21. Jenny's kidnapping
22. The crown of Genghis Khan
23. Lupine against the computer


Second series

01. The return of lupine III
02. Rich sunset in Rio
03. Hitler's legacy
04. The lake monster
05. How to transport the gold bars
06. The earthquake factory
07. The curse of Tutankhamun
08. The orient express
09. The Ukiyo-e collection
10. Theft of the M 123 card
11. The Montecarlo Grand Prix
12. A gift for the president
13. The secret formula
14. The temple of black magic
15. The great challenge
16. The two Lupines
17. The safe
18. Lupine trapped
19. The talisman of happiness
20. Steel sharks
21. The stamp of Cinderella
22. Adventure in the midnight sun
23. The second death of Lupine
24. Who has the crown?
25. A desert adventure
26. The theft of the black panther
27. Surprise treasure
28. The witch of the fourth dimension
29. The master
30. The rose and the gun
31. The secret of flying
32. The foreign legion
33. The vampire
34. The gorilla gang
35. The mystery of Tsukikage castle
38. Melon the policewoman
37. Lupine becomes a woman
38. Genghis Khan's gold
39. Checkmate at Interpol
40. Hong Kong diamonds
41. The missile disappeared
42. The secret of Princess Kaguya
43. The man from Peking
44. Armored car challenges Lupine
45. Smell of death
46. ​​Lupine sold at auction
47. The theft of the crown
48. The alarm sounds at dawn
49. The cobra
50. An ancient love (1st part)
51. An ancient love (2nd part)
52. The secret of eternal youth
53. Lupine against Fantoma
54. The Buddha statue
55. Five mysterious thieves in a cascade of flowers (part 1)
56. Five mysterious thieves in a cascade of flowers (2nd part)
57. Professor Hunter's challenge
58. A sad farewell
59. The mysterious world of Madame X
60. The suicide epidemic
61. The flying sword
62. The tolling of the bell
63. The donation
64. Big shot from Tiffany's
65. Mr. X against Lupine
66. Order of execution
67. The long journey to the east
68. Casino Island
69. Inspector in love
70. The old thief and the parrot
71. The golden colubrina
72. The eye of Solomon
73. The international theft congress
74. The chameleon men
75. Hayner's collection
76. Love and be alone
77. Astrological strategy
78. The precious robot
79. Everyone wants to kill Lupine
80. The last wish
81. The golden bell
82. Napoleon the great
83. Lupine cowboy
84. Lupine against Joe di Quadri
85. The secret order
86. The mysterious mask
87. The devil's doll
88. The North Pole Adventure
89. Lupine and Beethoven's heroic
90. Super Lupine
91. The girl of antiquity
92. The Chinese wall
93. Lupine against Superman
94. Three stone statuettes
95. A world of foodies
96. In search of the lost treasure
97. The death of Zazà
98. The duel of Jiggen
99. Lupine's painting
100. Mad love in Versailles
101. Lupine and the hundred pistols
102. Angels also exist
103. The golden bed
104. The mystery of the island
105. A treat for cats
106. The wedding ring
107. The Invincible Sword
108. A killer for Lupine
109. The master's inheritance
110. Photography of the future
111. The game of invaders
112. Danger to Goemon
113. The treasure of the ghost Kiro
114. Special lotion
115. Monna lisa smiles twice
116. 108. striking of the bell
117. The American tire
118. Diamonds of the Southern Cross
119. Lupine against Lupine
120. The red ghosts
121. Grandfather Edward's treasure
122. Napoleon's treasure
123. A robbery in the Louvre
124. 1999 popcorn trip
125. Snow in the desert
126. Lady Black's revenge
127. The mortal ball strategy
128. The plan of Mrs. Dokonjo
129. The kindness of Jiggen
130. The masterpiece of Dal ??. The secret of Goemon's sword
132. The band of the Himalayas
133. The revenge of the golden butterfly
134. Teamwork
135. The treasure of Pompeii
136. The exchange of bodies
137. Theft in the Kremlin
138. The favorite horse
139. Margot kidnapped
140. Hands from the treasure!
141. The trio of poison
142. Albatros, the wings of death
143. Lupine is Defeated!
144. The siren of the midnight sun
145. Encirclement strategy
146. Money from paradise
147. The mouse trainer
148. Bank robbery in Miami
149. Symphony for piano
150. The target is at 555 meters
151. Deadly trap
152. Theft in Mecca
153. Jiggen's hats
154. The gold of Hexagon
155. Thieves love peace

Third series

01. The treasure of Al Capone
02. A left-handed shot
03. The tower of angels
04. Signs of love
05. King of swords
06. The treasure of the Megas
07. Winning carambola
08. The golden talisman
09. The lotus seeds
10. The secret diamond
11. A strange charm
12. The magician's candy
13. Abduction in space
14. False accusation
15. Never trust too much
16. The theft of the apple
17. Calculated risk
18. Dangerous dance
19. The treasure chest
20. The man of two lives
21. The enchanted city
22. Diamonds in danger
23. Checkmate on the computer
24. The Chinese jewel
25. The dove's egg
26. The ghost
27. The gem of Alaska (1st part)
28. The gem of Alaska (2nd part)
29. Honeymoon
30. Seila's revenge
31. The collector
32. The President's car
33. Dangerous games
34. Treasure hunt (1st part)
35. Treasure hunt (2nd part)
36. Double play
37. The legend of the hawk
38. At all costs
39. The little mermaid
40. An all-pepper truck
41. The lottery
42. Martial law
43. The pyramids
44. Hi, Cinderella!
45. Acting school
46. ​​The taste of victory
47. Commission robbery
48. The mystery of money
49. War of spies
50. Adoption
51. At the bottom of the sea