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Cat eyes

The Cat's Eyes cartoons feature three sisters Kelly, Sheila and Tati who own a restaurant called Cat's Eyes. However, the girls have a double life and at night armed with refined devices and acrobatic suits, they skillfully carry out the profession of thieves. Their purpose is to enter museums or private galleries in order to steal very important works of art. They are chased by detective Matthew, a bitter enemy who most of the time remains with an inch of his nose in front of the cunning of Kelly, Sheila and Tati, but does not know a very important detail, that his beloved Sheila and 'one of the three thieves.

From February 16, 2011, from Monday to Saturday at 21.20pm on Boing

Episodes titles Cat's eyes

First series

01. A risky bond
02. The mystery of the stolen painting
03. A compromising photograph
04. Lupine's wife
05. Ruthless enemy
06. Lesson of love
07. A happy birthday
08. The secret of an ancient treasure
09. A funny chase
10. The unsuspected
11. Dangerous temptation (first part)
12. Dangerous temptation (second part)
13. Matthew's promotion
14. Checkmate to the police
15. At the last second
16. Challenge against time
17. Prey and hunter
18. Meeting in the ring
19. A strategic invention
20. Declaration of love
21. A worthy rival
22. Matthew's betrothed
23. For Tati's sake
24. An unforgettable Christmas
25. On the edge of the precipice
26. Everyone in danger (first part)
27. All in danger (second part)
28. Tati loses her memory
29. An exceptional model
30. SOS For tati
31. A rival for Matthew
32. An atrocious revenge
33. Dual objective
34. On the right track
35. A trap for Matthew
36. Departure for Europe

Second series

01. A rival cat
02. Theft ... underwater
03. A dirty blackmail
04. An unusual appointment
05. On the razor's edge
06. Thieves robbed
07. Home sweet home
08. Those who want too much ...
09. Love at first sight
10. Dangerous play
11. Mystery in the night
12. For a bottle of wine
13. A friend for Tati
14. The brooch of discord
15. Matthew and Sheila married
16. The kidnapping of Hawaii
17. The firefly
18. Challenge to the computer
19. Enemies ... for the skin
20. Dangerous deception
21. Mysterious rival
22. Kelly falls in love
23. An unforgettable Christmas
24. April Fool's Day Mission
25. An adorable bummer
26. A well played game
27. The new boss
28. Sheila becomes a babysitter
29. Two old men ... very young
30. The soothsayer
31. The beauty contest
32. A safe hiding place
33. Who is cat's eyes?
34. Lurking in the depths
35. A cat on television
36. An almost impossible theft
37. Fiction or reality?

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