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Stuff from cats cartoons are broadcast from Monday to Friday on Italia 1 at 16,40 pm. The black cat Kurochan lives in the house of a couple of cute little forgetful old men, located in a small town in Japan called Sakura. The two old men have entrusted Kurochan with the task of guarding the house, to defend it from thieves. It all begins when the poor cat, Kurochan is kidnapped by Dr. Go, a mad scientist who wants to conquer the world with the use of his robots, so he transforms Kurochan into an invincible and super-technological cybernetic cat, equipped with powerful weapons. But Kurochan understands the scientist's intentions and runs away from the laboratory. Doctor Go hunts for Kurochan aided by his loyal cybernetic cat named M, in command of an army of cats. A tough battle then opens up between Kurochan and Doctor Go's cats, no holds barred. (Click on Italia 1)

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