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The Smurfs are a tribe of small blue gnomes who live in small white houses made from mushrooms. They are very peaceful and live in harmony with each other, where each inhabitant has a specific role. We find the Confectioner Smurf, the Joker Smurf, the Strong Smurf, the Painter Smurf, the Musician Smurf, the Sleepy Smurf, etc ... But even in their tribe there is a supreme leader and this is the Papa Smurf who stands out from the others for a thick white beard, to wear red trousers and an equally red cap, instead of white like the other members of the village. The Smurfs' enemy number one is Gargamel, a kind of human sorcerer who lives in a dilapidated castle with his faithful cat Birba. He wants to catch the Smurfs to cook them in his cauldron. In addition, the Smurfs also have to fight with the brigands who want to steal their precious treasure. Luckily for them the smurfs, among the men they also have friends. These are John and Solfami, two defenders of the poor and the oppressed. In the Smurfs cartoons you will have fun with adventurous stories that all end in favor of our cute blue gnomes. Among the many Smurfs we find as main protagonists the Papa Smurf, Smurfette (the only female figure), Smurf, Quattrocchi (the protesting Smurf), Smurf and a little all the inhabitants who take turns taking part in the various adventures. The Smurfs were created in 1958 by the Belgian cartoonist, Pierre Cuillford (called Peyo, born in 1928, died in 1992) (Click on Italy 1)

The Smurfs are copyright Peyo

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Titles of the Smurfs episodes

First series

01. The Astropuffo
02. Those who make it wait for it
03. The vanity fair
04. The dragon and the smurfs
05. The rude genius
06. The smurf wizard
07. The smurfs and the magical medallion
08. King Smurf
09. The smurfs and the monster bird
10. The smurf soup
11. Not all that glitters is Smurf
12. The dreamer nightmare
13. Romeo and smurfette
14. The magic egg
15. Puffonia in C major
16. Smurf smurf
17. Super smurf
18. Smurf paradise
19. The strong cavalier
20. The baby smurf
21. The false smurf
22. Poet and painter
23. The smurf of spirits
24. Purple smurfs
25. The source of smurf
26. The magnifying powder
27. The time-smurfing Smurf
28. The penny smurf
29. The abominable snowman
30. Gargamel the generous
31. The smurfette becomes good
32. Now you smurf and after you don't smurf
33. Caving smurfs
34. Apprentice smurf
35. The fairy glasses
36. The mechanical smurf
37. The messy brawls
38. The smurfette dance shoes
The smurfs and the money tree

Second series

40. The smurf who can't say no
41. The adventures of Robin Puff
42. The enchanted village
43. The chilly smurf
44. Sister smurf
45. The black flower
46. ​​The revenge of the smurfs
47. The three puffettieri
48. The celestial smurfs
49. From the smurf planet
50. Maltrock's spell
51. Smurfette and Squitty
52. The magic word
53. The Goblin of the Stone Forest
54. Gluttonous gluttony
55. Don't waste, don't smurf
56. Jonh's army
57. The Lost City of Yore
58. The magic fountain
59. The impostor king
60. For the love of Gargamel
61. The magnificent smurfs
62. The enchanted castle
63. The smurf navigators
64. Friends for the skin
65. The blue disease
66. The last laugh
67. The wizard Raven
68. The magic ring
69. The eruption
70. Opportunist smurf
71. The return of mechanical smurf
72. The little giant
73. Dew the water sprite
74. Van Winkle smurf
75. The Prince and Solfamì
76. The enchanted child
77. Tontolone smurf the future
78. The sleepwalker smurfs
79. Don't smurf my flowers
80. The good the bad and the smurf
81. The hunt for truffles
82. Smurf dreams
83. The box of dirty tricks
84. The great smurf gets married
85. Everything is smurf that ends up smurf

Third series

86. The blue moon
87. Love all creatures
88. The fireman smurf
89. The imbecile wizard
90. Each painting smurf a story
91. The puff telephone
92. Andy's cat
93. The magic earrings
94. The last bush of puffragole
95. The smurf Debolino
96. Agata falls in love
97. A little perfumed animal
98. Smurf tears
99. The miraculous tonic
100. The smurf who became king
101. The feast of the rainbow
102. One day at Smurfette
103. Solfamì and Bigmouth
104. The forest is in danger
105. The smurf and the siren
106. For the love of Smurfette
107. Gargamel seeks home
108. Save the dam
109. The grouchy gremlin
110. The misfortune of Tontolone
111. The smurf of will
112. Baby Smurf is missing
113. The time capsule
114. A wedding for Gargamel
115. The little thief
116. The magic pot
117. The Harmony show
118. The Nobel smurf
119. The son of Moor
120. The filter of hatred
121. A party for Grouch
122. The magic rattle
123. The red smurf
124. The school of witches
125. The day of the April smurf
126. The magic stick
127. Merry Christmas Baby Smurf
128. The importance of being beautiful
129. The werewolf
130. A bell for birba
131. The formula of invisibility
132. The smurf without a voice
133. The future of Baby Smurf
134. The hat of the Great Smurf
135. Quattrocchi unwanted guest
136. The search for the smurf stone
137. Beware of the smurfs hat
138. The black deer
139. The new Pufflandia
140. Don't joke over time

Fourth series

141. The symbol of wisdom
142. The return of Begliocchi
143. The secret of the village well
144. Stop and smurf roses
145. The peppery smurfs
146. The shadow of Joker
147. The sympathetic joker bone
148. The tick smurfs
149. The magic crown
150. The magic needle
151. The wayfarer
152. A puppy for Baby Smurf
153. An incredibly small wizard
154. At Golosone's breakfast
155. The secret of the shadow swamp
156. The Smurf of Troy
157. Smurf the other cheek
158. A wagon full of smurfs
159. The tree of desires
160. The smurf touch of Smurfette
161. The smurf lift
162. The stone smurfs
163. The warts of the Great Smurf
164. The sleepy party for Lazy
165. The willow goblins
166. The Fat Cow Dilemma
167. The invention of puffmobili
168. A circus for Baby Smurf
169. Baby Smurf in the land of toad monsters
170. The smurf cream
171. The smurfest of friends
172. Beware of Lazy
173. Fat Ox becomes smurf
174. The enchanted diaper
175. The man on the moon
176. The braids of Smurfette
177. The importance of being smurf
178. The giant of Gargamel
179. The crystal kingdom
180. Forced and the wheeled smurf
181. The jumping cough
182. The horse of the golden underwire
183. Monster smurfs
184. Close encounters of the smurf-type
185. The ghost catcher smurfs
186. The castle of discord
187. PuffiplicationThe fate of Gargamel