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Wickie el Vikingo

Vicky VikingFrom Monday to Friday at 8.00 on Italia 1 the legendary cartoons of Vicky the Viking are broadcast again, the first Japanese cartoon broadcast in Italy in 1977, even before the arrival of Heidi. The story of Vicky the Viking is taken from the novel by Scandinavian author Runer Jonsson. Vicky is a very curious and creative child, but also shy and reserved, in fact he does not like to be at the center of the scene, but to reflect on the things that happen around him. His father Alvar, a big man with a thick brown beard and an eye patch is the head of the Viking village Flake and unlike Vicky he is an impulsive and arrogant type, but also very bungling and in fact, most of the time he is just little Vicky to get him out of trouble. Their village is located in Norway and from here, with their typical Viking boat, they sail the seas to explore new lands and new adventures. However, they often have to face many troubles and difficulties that not even the Herculean strength of all the Vikings can solve. It is at this point that the great intelligence of Vicky Viking intervenes, who after rubbing her nose, finds the brilliant solution to solve the problem. The difficulties they encounter can be of various kinds from dangerous pirates, to the mumps of his father Alvar, from the castle of ghosts, to the island of birds, etc ... Other protagonists of the cartoon are the mother of Vicky Ilva, gruff but magnanimous and the blond capricious cousin Invy. Truly unmissable cartoon (Click on Italia 1)

Vicky Viking is Copyright © Zuiyo Enterprise Co. Nippon Animation / Taurus Film / Fuji and rights holders
Episode titles

01. Halvar fights the bear
02. Dad Halvar has mumps
03. Vichy prisoner of the Dutch
04. The island of birds
05. Vichie and the wolf
06. The challenge
07. The big party
08. Race to the water
09. Princess Lora
10. Vichie and the crows
11. We are truly Vikings
12. A bad omen
13. Vichie and the storyteller
14. Oh, what a wife!
15. The golden sword
16. Adventure on the ship

17. The saw fish
18. A terrible toothache
19. Swen the terrible
21. An attractive offer
22. The Strait of Denmark
23. Vichie finds his companions
24. Vichie in the ghost castle
25. Vichie and the lock
26. No muscles? no problem!
27. An awake mind is faster than a sword!
28. The giants
29. The wooden swords
30. The small sword
31. The boss is always right.