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The cartoons of Web Diver are broadcast on Monday, Wednesday e Friday 16,30 on Italy 1 and are divided into 52 episodes of about 30 minutes each.

The science fiction series is set in the year 2100, when the internet has now become the essential element to communicate and manage all the machines and robots on the planet. The protagonist is the young Young Keita, a boy who thanks to his computer manages to enter the Magical Gate (magical entrance), and to be transported to cyberspace with his little brother Kaito and his friends Aoi and Jean. Here, however, they are attacked by the Deletloss virus which compromises their return to the real world, but thanks to Keita's toy robot, connected to the Magical Gate, they manage to find their way to escape. These toy robots are real guardians of the Magic Gate and Keita with the cyberspace kids become the Web Diver pilots, able to command and guide them in order to oppose the Deletloss virus that would like to take over the web on which the whole is connected planet. Very similar to Transformers, the cartoon makes extensive use of 3D graphics and spectacular scenes. Like most cartoons about Japanese robots, Web Diver also combines several robot gadgets and toys (Click on Italia 1)

WEB DIVER is Copyright © Tokyo Tv, Nippon Animation Studio, Aeon Incorporation and Radix