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It is a story like many others, set within the student world. This Shoujo talks about you, Yukino Miyazawa, a model student, very nice, polite and above all very good in her studies, which is the envy of many of her colleagues, but at the same time they admire her. He, Soichiro Arima, is a humble and silent boy, but as good and brilliant in his studies as she is. In reality, Yukino Miyazawa is a very ambitious and narcissistic girl, she loves being considered the "first of school" because of her intelligence and her skill in studies has now become very popular within the institute, therefore he sees in Soichiro Arima a potential enemy, who could tarnish his fame. So she tries in every way to humiliate him with the result of the mid-term exams. He, Soichiro Arima, however, as a humble boy does not care about this and continues to congratulate you on the success of his exams. One day he met her in extracurricular clothes, that is, without contact lenses with two large pairs of glasses, and with such a temper as to make us forget all the semblance of an educated model girl and good manners. The girl is ashamed and asks him not to tell anyone about that meeting, instead he asks him in exchange for help in his various extracurricular jobs. In this way the two boys begin to meet more and more often and above all to get to know each other better, in fact he too is not actually that humble and short-spoken boy he seems. A strong complicity and understanding begins to arise between them that will lead them to fall in love and overcome together the various difficulties they will encounter both in university and in their family life. (Click on MTV)


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