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Starting from Monday October 31 at 20,00 on MTV resumes the sci-fi cartoon series: Last Exile. The Japanese anime was made by the GONZO studio, the same as "Blue Submarine n.6" is "Full Metal Panic", based on the project of Shiro Sasaki and Shoji Murahama, and consists of 26 episodes lasting 25 minutes each and was distributed by Shin Vision.

Cinderella boyIf the plot had no science fiction references, the story would seem to be set in the early 900s, in the period of the First World War, both as regards customs, settings and divisions of social classes. Fantascentifica technology and weapons are deliberately stylized to evoke the atmosphere of the late 800s and early 900s. The story features the young Claus and the girl Lavie, both pilots of the Vanship, an aircraft inherited from their parents, which carries out the task of courier between nations on the brink of a world crisis. The central episode of the series occurs when the two boys promise their colleague on his deathbed to finish the mission Ciderela Boy - Rellathat had been entrusted to him: escorting little Alvis aboard the flying ship Silvana. Unfortunately, things are going badly and their aircraft is involved in the war between two powerful nations, in crisis for having exhausted all their ecological resources. The aerial duels are spectacular and make use of a 3d computer graphics not too integrated with the traditional drawing style, always following the style you will have noticed in "Blue Submarine n.6" is "Full Metal Panic". The staff of the GONZO studio to create this fabulous anime made use of the collaboration of other masters of the Japanese cartoon such as Mahiro Maeda (famous for Animatrix and Evangelion), Kouichi Chigira and Range Murata ... (Click on MTV).

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