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orphan From Monday to Friday at 15,30 on MTV you will see a fantastic new series of cartoons with breathtaking drawings and animations: orphan. The Japanese anime is based on the novel by Yoshinobu Akitache and scripted by Mayori Sekijima and Masashi Kubota, while the animations have been entrusted to the JC Staff.

The cartoon, recommended for an audience over 14, tells of the young Orphen, abandoned at an early age at the castle of the fang, where the famous school of magic of Kiesalhima is located. So from a very young age Orphen learns the secrets of magical art and once he has achieved a certain confidence in his means, he begins his journey in search of "Burtanders", the sword with magical powers. The setting of the adventures is decidedly fantasy, as in Kiesalhima there is no shortage of elves and dragons. Orphen along with his pupil Majic discovers that the legendary sword is being kept in the Totokanta village by the Everlastin family. Here they will meet the beautiful Creao Everlastin, who, contrary to her sweet features, is brave and bold and will not hesitate to use the sword against Orphen, accusing him of being a voyeur. However, Creao is still young and does not know how to use the magic sword and Orphen will be able to stop it with his only hands. Creao understands Orphen's innocence and meets Majic, his old acquaintance, so that a great friendship will arise between the three and perhaps even some stronger feelings between the sorcerer and the girl. The spirits of Burtanders are also looking for the sword, so they come from the realm of darkness and sow terror among the population of the village. Thanks to the powerful magic of Orphen, these creatures are defeated, but the three boys will encounter numerous difficulties and adventures, where Orphen will prove to possess unimaginable powers and that is why the young apprentice Majic will look with admiration at his master Orphen. The stories are exciting, full of fantasy, charm and humor thanks above all to the presence of Creao and the brothers Volcan and Dartin. (Click on MTV).


Episode titles
01. My name is Orphen,
02. The terror of the bloody August
03. Friends, join my journey
04. Demonic creature sleep in my garden
05. The priestess in the heart of the dragon
06. Wolf howls in my woods
07. The ruins of Burtanders
08. The secret of Tenma's witch
09. The partner of the ancient city on the canal
10. Doll, obey my orders
11. Reki's little adventure
12. My shrimp man friend
13. Remember, go back to my homeland
14. Thoughts that cannot be overcome
15. The wizard under the moonlight
16. Again the shrimp man
17. The secret in the sword
18. You two, give me back the sword!
19. Everyone's thoughts
20. The secret of the color of the rainbow
21. The secret vision of the past
22. Insecure blue eyes
23. The azalea witch
24. The end of my trip

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