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Anime and Manga > Science fiction > Images of Blue Submarine n.6


This beautiful cartoon created by Satoru Ozawa, airs on MTV on Saturday at 14,00 pm. Blue Submarine n.6 is a very skilful mix between animation in 3d graphics and the classic futuristic Japanese anime. The story of Blue Submarine n.6 is set in the future, where, due to terrestrial overpopulation, we try to explore the seabed to look for any possibility of transferring part of the population to the bottom of the oceans in the future, where they will find food in abundance. All the nations of the Earth have united giving life to an organization called Blue. All the nations will therefore have to explore with a submarine, the seabed of its territory in order to identify the possible colony. Blue n. 6 is Japan's submarine which is called Kame (Turtle) due to its shape. But a mad scientist named, Dr. Yung Zorndyke, in a delusion of omnipotence, decides to start changing the earth's climate by increasing the greenhouse effect and inevitably causing the polar ice caps to melt and flooding the planet. It also studies new individuals called hybrids, which can replace humans after the planet's catastrophe. These individuals will only be able to survive in the sea, as his project also foresees the inversion of the Earth's magnetic poles, which will permanently cancel the atmosphere. Meanwhile, on the mainland, the men who survived the catastrophe fight against the hybrids of Dr. Yung Zorndyk. Among these we find Mayumi Kino, an 18-year-old boy whose parents died in the catastrophe of the Grampus, a small combat submarine contained in Blue Submarine 6. (Click on MTV)

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