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Cinderella Boy - Ranma Cinderella boy was made by the same author of Lupine III, Katou Kazuhiko aka Monkey Punch and is made up of 13 episodes lasting 25 minutes each.
The cartoon tells of the two private detectives Ranma and Rella, linked together by a sentimental relationship as well as a working one. Ranma (physically very similar to Lupine III) is brave,Cinderella Boy - Rella Enterprising and gifted with great intuition, Rella is no exception and to this must be added the extraordinary charm of a sexy curvy blonde (reminiscent of Fujiko). The couple is tasked with uncovering the evildoers and fighting crime in Giraffe City, a hypothetical city of the future.
To describe the events and style of Cinderella Boy, the ingredients could be four: take a little Lupine III, add a touch of Ranma 1/2 , mix it with the Cinderella fairy tale, finally sweeten with a pinch of Lady Hawke and the dish is served! Of Lupine III there are undoubtedly the drawings and the spectacular animations and breathtaking sequences, full of suspense and action.
The key episode of the story revolves around an incredible night. During the investigation, Ranma and Rella fall into an ambush tended by the gangsters of the mafia, the two manage to escape, Cinderella boybut during the shooting and the crazy car ride, they are the victim of a tragic car accident, in which Rella loses his life (or almost). When he becomes aware and realizes the drama Ranma is desperate for the loss of his beloved partner, but at the stroke of midnight something extraordinary happens (see Cinderella from which it also takes the name "Cinderella"): Ciderela Boy - RellaRella comes back to life taking Ranma's place. From this we deduce that the two have been hit by a spell that will never allow them to meet because, while Ranma acts during the day, Rella appears at night (see Lady Hawke) alternating in the same body, one being the alter - ego of the other. The transformation of Ranma from man to woman inevitably recalls Ranma 1/2, of which it also takes its name, and in fact there is no shortage of hilarious and humorous gags that will create many embarrassments to the two protagonists. And if the series broadcast on MTV has amused you, you will also have the opportunity to watch the episodes that will soon be released on 4 DVDs
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