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Born from the conception of the Japanese screenwriter Shoji Gatoh and produced by the Gonzo Digimation studio (the same makers of Blue Submarine Nr. 6 ), here comes a new cartoon series entitled MTV Full Metal Panic. The series airs Monday through Friday at 20,05pm. The Japanese anime divided into 24 episodes, already as you can guess ("Full Metal Panic" is a title inspired by the famous Stanley Kubrick film, "Full Metal Jacket"), is a funny story where humor and sentiment are integrated perfectly with sci-fi action scenes, rich in special effects. Full Metal Panic is the story of Chidori Kaname, a beautiful student from Jindai High School and of Sosuke Sagara, a soldier who will have to be her bodyguard in disguise. Sosuke Sagara must protect Chidori from a ruthless group of Russian terrorists who intend to kidnap her in order to study her, as the girl's genetic memory will allow them to access a very sophisticated military weapon. To do this, the boy is forced to take on the role of the student, but this will bring him many problems as outside his military environment he becomes awkward and clumsy, also for his sense of overprotection towards Chidori, and he is precisely in this juncture that we will witness some hilarious comic gags. The story of Full Metal Panic is set in a future where the cold war between superpowers still prevails and the beautiful scenarios created by the Gonzo Digimation studio are of military technology. Sosuke Sagara is part of Mithril, a private military organization that uses Black Technology and fights for the defense of peace, in addition to him for the defense of Chidori is joined by two other secret agents. (Click on MTV).

"Full Metal Panic" images and characters are copyrigh Shoji Gatoh - studio Gonzo. All rights reserved,are shown for informational purposes

Episode titles
01. The man from the south / Hostage without negotiations
02. Hostility not reciprocated / Lunchtime wasted
03. Steel summer illusion
04. Artistic Hamburger Hill / A faithful stake out
05. Pure and impure grappler / Trespass with good intentions
06. Fetish of making people buy under threat / Patient of darkness
07. Full Metal Panic Pandemonium
08. Exaggerated warcry
09. The arrival of the goddess in Japan (chapter of suffering)
10. The arrival of the goddess in Japan (chapter of the spa)
11. Fancy without honor code
12. The blue bird that doesn't do what you say
13. The fifth hour hot spot
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