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For lovers of the mysterious and fantastic genre, we recommend watching Saiyuki on Tuesdays at 22,00pm on MTV. Saiyuki is an ancient Chinese legend written by Wu Cheng en which means "Journey to the West". Saiyuki's story begins when a grave threat looms in the kingdom of Tejiku, where devils and men lived peacefully. The news is certain that someone is trying to resurrect a very powerful demon called Gyumao, who had already appeared on earth five hundred years earlier. The monk Genjo Sanzo is called together with 3 other companions, who is entrusted with the task of discovering the architects of this diabolical project. The four then leave for "Journey to the West" (Saiyuki). Sanzo, however, is certainly not an example of holiness, in fact he is addicted to gambling, alcohol and smoking and does not let himself be prayed before pulling out his gun and shooting, which he does by reciting the texts of the sacred scriptures. Another monk who accompanies him is Gojyo a 22-year-old boy, with red eyes and hair, he is a half-blood demon and to maintain human forms he must not wear the power control device like his companions. He also leaves for the expedition to search for his older brother, who you abandoned him when he was still a child. Hakkai is another monk, blind in one eye, but with exceptional powers of perception, he fights using the same internal strength of people. He is also a demon with human features that he controls with a particular device on his left ear. He also owns a little dragon called Jeep, capable of transforming himself and making him fly wherever he wants. Goku, on the other hand, is the mascot of the group as he is also the smallest in stature. It was a monkey that was transformed into human form. He fights with a golden rod that can be extended at will (Click on MTV)

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