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Saiyuki - anime and manga series

Saiyuki It is an ancient Chinese legend written by Wu Cheng�en which means "Journey to the West". Saiyuki's story begins when in the kingdom of Tejiku, where the devils and the men lived peacefully, a grave threat looms. The news is certain that someone is trying to resurrect a very powerful demon called Gyumao, already appeared on earth five hundred years earlier. The monk Genjo Sanzo is called along with others 3 companions, who are entrusted with the task of discovering the creators of this diabolical project. The four leave then for "Journey to the West" (Saiyuki).

Sanzo but it is certainly not an example of sanctity, in fact he is addicted to gambling and alcohol and to smoking and doesn't have to be asked before extracting his gun and shoot, which he does while reciting the lyrics of the sacred writings. Another monk accompanying him Gojyo is a 22 year old boy with bright eyes red hair, this is a half-blood demon and to keep Human forms should not wear the control device of power like his companions. Leaves for shipping also to search for his older brother, which you have abandoned when he was still a child. Hakkai is another monk, blind in one eye, but Endowed with exceptional powers of perception, he fights exploiting people's own internal strength. It's him too a human-like demon that he controls with a particular device on the left ear. He also owns a little dragon called Jeep, capable of transforming and let him fly wherever he wants. Goku on the other hand is the mascot of the group as he is the smallest too as stature. He was a monkey who was transformed in human form. He fights with a golden rod that yes can stretch at will


There Saiyuki's plot revolves around the search for sutras, of the sacred texts that preserve the origin of the world, from part of the four protagonists, who embark on a journey westward to stop the resurrection of the mighty king of demons sealed 500 years earlier by the gods: Gyumaoh. The territory is invaded by crazed demons, caused from the resurrection experiments attempted by the followers of Gyumaoh, and the protagonists find themselves clashing with very powerful demons, including Prince Kougaiji and the faithful to him.

Saiyuki Gaiden is a prequel to Gensomaden Saiyuki, set 500 years before the journey west, with stories about the world of the deities. It turns out that Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai are the reincarnations of three gods, while Goku it had already been present since then.
Saiyuki Reload is another series, published by Ichijinsha publishing house in Monthly Comic Zero magazine Sum, which continues the story and presents new developments for the protagonists.

Saiyuki Reload Blast is another anime series based on the original story of Saiyuki, with new adaptations and developments of the characters.
Saiyuki Ibun is another manga series, published from the Ichijinsha publishing house in Comic Zero magazine Sum Ward, who continues to expand the world of Saiyuki with new characters and plots.

In Italy, the Saiyuki manga is published by Dynit, which began publication on 15 April 2004 to 27 July 2005, again in nine volumes, with periodicity bimonthly and original reading from right to left.
Saiyuki has spawned a vast series of adaptations and derivative media, including manga, anime television series, OVAs and animated films. The work is an interpretation of the legend of the stone monkey Sun Wukong, narrated in the book Journey to the West (in Japanese Saiyuki).

The universe of Saiyuki is characterized by a combination of action, adventure, fantasy and a comic that reflects depth and wisdom, as well as comedic moments and of lightness.

Saiyuki - The Legend of the Demon of Illusion: An Epic Journey in the Heart of Japanese Mythology

In the panorama of Japanese animation, "Saiyuki - La Legend of the Demon of Illusion" stands out as a series that skillfully interweaves mythology, adventure and drama. Broadcast in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 4th 2000 to March 27, 2001, this series of 50 episodes, directed by Hayato Date, has captured the imagination of viewers with its engaging narrative and characters memorable.

An Epic Animated
"Saiyuki" is based on a literary classic Chinese, "The Journey to the West", but reinterprets it in a modern key, mixing historical elements with those fantastic. The series follows the adventures of four heroes - a monk, a monkey demon, a water demon and an earth demon - on their journey to stop the resurrection of an evil demon. This journey takes them through a world full of magic, intrigue and conflict.

Two Engaging Narrative Arcs
The series is divided into two main story arcs. The first arc covers volumes 1 to 7 of the original manga, while the second introduces an original plot that is not present in the manga, focused on the Prince-God of War. This exclusive addition of the anime enriches the story with new challenges and character developments.

A International success
In Italy, "Saiyuki - The Legend of the Demon of Illusion" enjoyed considerable popularity, being broadcast on MTV Italia from 1 October 2002 to 7 October 2003 and later on other satellite channels such as GXT and Cooltoon. The series was also published in DVD from Dynamic Italia, followed by two collected box sets under the title "Saiyuki The Complete Series".

A Title Rich in Meaning
The Italian title "The Legend of the Demon of Illusion" is a faithful translation of the Japanese title "Gensomaden", which literally means "Genso (illusion) Ma (demon) Den (legend)". This title captures the essence of the series: a world where reality merges with illusion, and demons are not always what they seem.

"Saiyuki - The Legend of the Demon of Illusion" is an animation masterpiece that transcends boundaries cultural and temporal. With its unique combination of mythology, adventure and drama, this series is not just excellent entertainment, but also a journey fascinating in Asian culture and literature. For anime fans and anyone interested to explore rich and complex stories, "Saiyuki" represents an unmissable experience.

Sthat gives technique

Direction: Takashi Sogabe
Author: Kazuya Minekura
Production studio: Tokyo Kids
Number of episodes: 50
Country: Japan
Genre: adventure, fantasy
Duration: 24 minutes per episode
TV network: TV Tokyo
Release date: April 4, 2000 - March 27, 2001

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