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Hanamichi sakuragiThe series of Slam dunk it's the story of Hanamichi sakuragi, a 16 year old boy quarrelsome and unfortunate in love. One day in Shohoko High School, he meets the beautiful Haruko Akagi, a young girl passionate about basketball. In order to win Haruko's heart, the boy tries his hand at this sport and in a fit of arrogance he even challenges the captain of the school's basketball club, but makes up for a solemn fool. Kaede RukawaDespite everything Hanamichi manages to enter the club, together with another boy, introverted, but decidedly formidable in the game of basketball: Kaede Rukawa, which Haruko is madly in love with. In all these exciting points, in addition to the rivalry against Rukawa, we will see the young Sakuragi, fight from game to game with very strong opponents, but also take lessons from his good companions of team and friends. Little by little we will see that the sport that the young man had started to win Haruko's heart will become his first passion that will lead him to reveal all his hidden talent.(Click on MTV)

"Slam Dunk" is copyright Toei animation and Co.

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